Dear Anderson Cooper, This Sucks

I remember this one time as a kid, when my mother was shuttling me and my best friend home from an after-school activity. I sat buckled in the passenger seat, recounting our family’s first-ever trip to Amish Country. I twisted my neck to face my friend in the back , brushed aside the bangs of my girl mullet and summed up the heretofore unfamiliar Amish culture thusly: “They’re, like, so weird.”

My mother stopped me right there. “Hey! Never call anybody’s culture or religion weird. You not better than anybody else, and they not better than you. Have respect.”

I think my mom needs to give Anderson Cooper a call.

In case you missed the Dyngus Day controversy check out the clip above, in which Anderson roasts the Polish folk custom (which I blogged about) on the RidicuList segment of his CNN show. After mocking the tradition (not a Catholic holiday, Coop), a reference to pussy willows sends him into his signature fit of the giggles. In between gasps for air, you can hear him utter a few variations of the phrase, “It’s so stupid.”

Oh no he didn’t.

Mess with the Polish-American community and you’re pretty much asking to be the subject of a boycott, petition or letter-writing campaign. And rally the community did, complaining to CNN and tweeting Anderson with their disappointment (myself included).

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