On Body Snarkers, Beauty and Ashley Judd

Source: Us Weekly

My sister and I have this thing about Ashley Judd. Its origins are a tad fuzzy now, but I’m fairly certain it was sparked by an Oprah interview in which Wynonna Judd recounted how  selfless, even heroic, little sister Ashley had been in pulling her up through some of the darkest periods in her life. The Ryan Gosling of sisters, if you will.

Our resulting repartee now goes something like this:

Me: (After a feat of awesomeness by my sister) You’re the best sister, ever.

She: Better than Ashley Judd?

Me: Better than Ashley Judd!

(Whatever, it’s our thing. Go with it.)

This week, Ashley Judd hit another home run for the sisterhood with this column for The Daily Beast, a response to the rather mean-spirited speculation that’s been lobbed in her direction over the past few weeks and pretty much summed up by this headline: WTF Happened to Ashley Judd’s Face? Continue reading