Say My Name

Say My NameChances are you’ve looked at the last name of my bio and struggled with the pronunciation. You ventured a start, got through Klim and then fumbled, paralyzed by the string of letters that follow, letters that have no business being next to one another. How to even begin navigating the -kiew bit in the middle there? What possible sound could the pairing of a c and a z mean to produce? And who do you need to speak with to buy a vowel up in this place?

I don’t blame you if you butcher my last name. It’s a verbal juggernaut that demands a gymnastics of the tongue too taxing even for the likes of—(Dammit. I have a good line to drop in here. But my parents read this blog. Then again, what are the chances they know who Jenna Jameson is?) What I’m trying to say is, I get it: My Polish surname is a tough one to pronounce. I’m sympathetic. Mostly. Continue reading