RIP Eddie Blazonczyk

As a gal who grew up heavy on the polka music circuit, this news makes me sad. Eddie Blazonczyk, considered by many “The Polka King,” has died.

I know. Polka music has become an easy cultural punch line (think John Candy in Home Alone). It’s sad that it has. Because honestly? A lot of it is pretty awesome. Like, I’m surprised the Brooklyn hipsters aren’t onto it yet. (You guys, seriously – ironic polka T-shirts? Get on that.) Over the past few weeks, remembrances have been written about Donna Summer and the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, fans proclaiming the music the soundtrack of their youth. Growing up the child of Polish immigrants, Blazonczyk’s was the soundtrack of mine. At first grudgingly, and the fondly.

RIP Eddie Blazoncyzk, and dziekuje for the memories.
UPDATE: Read this beautiful obit that ran in The New York Times.


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