Psychology Today: Crappy First Drafts

From draft of J. G. Ballard's "Crash." Source: Psychology Today

Writers, you will either find comfort in this, or you will want to burrow under the covers and avoid the monumental revision process that lies ahead. Go for the comfort. It feels nicer.

Psychology Today brings us this blog post about famous crappy first drafts. Take a look. All writing starts as a formless lump of clay on the page. You’ll have your chance to mold it and tweak it and sculpt it. But first things first, this writer reminds us, you’ve got to get the clay on the page.

2 thoughts on “Psychology Today: Crappy First Drafts

  1. This is great — I’m going to use it with my Social Work grad students who seem not to even reread their papers, much less edit them!

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